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Vinings GeorgiaJust across the Chattahoochee River north of Atlanta in the state of Georgia lies the community of Vinings. At a population of about 10,000, Vinings has too many people to be called a village or a hamlet but it is not incorporated and so it cannot be called a city. The Paces Ferry entrance to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is between the West Paces Ferry section in the Atlanta city limits and the town of Vinings. Vinings is adjacent to the gateway of the recreational area and enjoys the proximity of the physical beauty of a national park.

During the civil war, the Union occupied what is now called Vinings but at the time of the occupation it was called Crossroads and then named Paces after the operator of Paces Ferry. At this time, railroad tracks were being laid from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Atlanta and Vinings was the construction station that was named after William Vinings who worked on the construction of the railroad bridge and laying railroad tracks. Aside from working on the railroad, no other notorious status is known for Mr. Vinings. Since the Pace home was used as a war hospital and destroyed, the area became known as Vinings and trains still run past Vinings regularly.

Vinings Real Estate Information

Most of the homes in Vinings are stately and exclusive but there is also some quality housing available in the form of condominiums or apartments that act as a sort of buffer between the highway, railroad tracks and center of Vinings. The condominiums and apartments are very attractive to young professionals who need easy access to Atlanta and enjoy the civic involvement that Vinings is known for.

Local Attractions in Vinings

Today, the Vinings Historical Society works hard to keep the town’s history alive and Vinings deserves credit for the extraordinary amount of good works of all of its very active service groups. The Vinings Village Civic Club donates generously to fireman, policemen, historic preservation and the closest public elementary school in nearby Smyrna. The Vinings Rotary Club meets every week and recently donated over $242,000 earned from different fundraising projects. The funds are totally dedicated to children’s charities that are local as well as international.

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Economic Opportunities for Vinings

Because Vinings is a part of the Atlanta Georgia metropolitan area, Vinings enjoys the culture and economic energy that only a world class city can provide. Atlanta is also home to the world’s busiest airport and transportation hub. Railroad, highway and air connections link Atlanta to the farthest corners of the globe. Vinings close proximity to Atlanta allows for unlimited employment opportunities as well as access to locations around the US and internationally thanks to Atlanta’s status.

Vinings Education

Here are some of the top rated schools in Chamblee:

Vinings Elementary Schools

  • Argyle Elementary
  • Belmont Hills Elementary
  • Brown Elementary

Smyrna Vinings Middle Schools

  • Campbell Middle School
  • Floyd Middle School
  • Griffin Middle School

Smyrna Vinings Charter School

  • Imagine International Academy of Smyrna (K-8)

Smyrna Vinings High School

  • Campbell High School

Smyrna Vinings Area Private Schools

  • The Lovett School
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Pace Academy