Stanford, New York

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Located in the north-central part of Dutchess county, Stanford was first settled around 1750. The town was part of the Great Nine Partners Patent of 1697, and was formed in 1793 from the town of Washington.

According to the town’s website, it is a “beautiful rural town of about 3,825 residents.” There are two lakes, public parks a recreational facility and beautiful places to walk or ride a bike. Farm to table restaurants and weekend farmer’s markets to visit.

Stanford is made up of the following hamlets: Attlebury, Bangall, Bear Market, Lenihan, McIntyre, Stanfordville, Stissing and Willow Brook.

In March 2014, the Stanford Historical Society announced that the State Board for His­toric Preservation had added the Bangall Post Office to the register of State Historic Places, and in May it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. 

“The Bangall Post Office was con­structed in 1915 by the postmaster in a location convenient to the rail line and still operates as a post office,” the town’s website notes. “The post office building is owned by the Stanford Historical Society, which maintains exhibits in its interior that represent life in the community during an earlier time. The building was con­structed specifically to be Bangall’s first freestanding post office.”

Photo Credit: Chris M Morris

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