Claverack, New York

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The town of Claverack is situated in the middle of Columbia County, and was said to be named after the Dutch word for Clover Fields. With easy access to Albany, Boston and New York City, there are approximately 6,000 residents, according to the town’s website.

The Town of Claverack was incorporated in 1788, and is “the second most populated township in the County,” the website notes. “Included in the township of Claverack is the Village of Philmont, which has its own municipal structure and was incorporated in 1892. We are proud of our rural, academic and industrial history and cherish the small town and rural atmosphere that is fundamental to our community.”

In 1779 Washington Seminary was founded in the town. Prominent former students include U.S. President Martin Van Buren. In the nineteenth century the school was renamed Claverack College, and it closed in 1902.

There are many 18th century homes in the town including the William Henry Ludlow House, which is located next to the Ludlow-Van Rensselaer House. Built in 1786, it is a Georgian-style residence. The home was restored in 2011. According to Wikipedia, William Henry Ludlow was a New York merchant who came to Claverack to escape the British occupation of the city during the Revolution. The Ludlow House was a precursor to what was to become known as the Federal style of American architecture. William Henry Ludlow is buried in The Claverack Dutch Reformed Churchyard. The William Henry Ludlow House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

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