Bearsville, New York

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Bearsville, a hamlet in Ulster County, is set in the town of Woodstock along New York State Route 212.  It is within Catskill State Park and to the west of the hamlet of Woodstock.

There are many notable landmarks in Bearsville, which was named for German peddler and storekeeper Christian Baehr, who built a store on the Sawkill Creek in 1839. There is Bearsville Records, which opened in 1970 and closed in 1984, and Bearsville Studios, which opened in 1969 by Albert Grossman and was subsequently converted into a private residence and an adjacent complex including a 250-seat theater and a second recording house.

The Bearsville Theater and restaurant complex also is a local landmark.  Located on Sawkill Creek in a picturesque streamside setting, the Bearsville Theater property includes two restaurants and the offices of WDST and Radio Woodstock.


Photo Credit: Doug Kerr
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