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Dunwoody neighborhoodsA city rich in culture. An enduring community. The city of Dunwoody, Georgia is a picturesque suburb of Atlanta. Pioneered in the early 1830s, Dunwoody earned its name from civil war major, Charles Dunwody. With the most historic building, The Ebenezer Primitive Church, dating back to 1829, this city is home to the Roswell Railroad. Ultimately, growth from the railroad encouraged growth and prosper until it evolved into a suburban residential area in the 1960s.

History of Dunwoody

Despite it's growth, Dunwoody was merely considered a community until the Perimeter Mall was constructed and Dunwoody Village was completed. After these occurrences, in 2006 citizens began to research the possibility of turning Dunwoody into an actual city. However, government officials feared that the incorporation of Dunwoody into a city would cause tax revenue for other surrounding cities to decrease, leading to larger issues within the county. Eventually, in 2008 the opportunity to vote Dunwoody into an actual city entity arose, and the bill passed from the support of the majority of voters.

Dunwoody Real Estate Information

Overall, Dunwoody, GA is a quaint, historic suburb of Atlanta that incorporates simple living. Continuous growth and stability is key to this city's thriving nature. Not to mention, a long-standing history of dedicated citizens who strive to preserve Dunwoody as the monumental city that it is.

The median home price here is $ 354,400, according to Zillow. The median listing price for homes is $319,000.

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Known for its position just north of DeKalb County, close Dunwoody districts and neighborhoods are comprised of Dunwoody Village, Perimeter Center, Williamsburg, Georgetown, Winter's Chapel, and Tilly Mill. Home to over 45,000 people, this historic city is comprised of middle class families with a low level of poverty. In fact, the per capita income for Dunwoody city ranks at just over $45.000.

Local Attractions in Dunwoody

Currently, Dunwoody, GA is still thriving and is home to numerous annual events that draw in visitors and tourists from across the nation. From Lemonade Days in late April to the Butterfly Festival in August to Light Up Dunwoody in November, the city is home to various local events that have been long-standing traditions. Handmade goodies from Emily G's Jam of Love and Alon's specialty markets are staple treats that are enjoyed by both locales and visitors. Boasting a local farmer's market, known as the Green Market, and Community Garden, Dunwoody exhibits a rural tone while being only minutes away from Atlanta.

Dunwoody Education

Here is a list of some of the best public and private schools in Dunwoody.

Elementary Schools

  • Austin Elementary School
  • Vanderlyn Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Peachtree Charter Middle School
  • Atlanta North School of Seventh

High Schools

  • Dunwoody High School