Decatur Real Estate


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Part of metro Atlanta, Decatur is comprised mainly of single-family homes, although there are townhouses and condos near downtown Decatur. It’s treasured for its collection of mature trees and stately homes, proximity to Emory University and downtown Atlanta, and one-of-a-kind boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Cici Coffee – founder of Natural Body Spa & Shop – owns a beautiful and tranquil four-bedroom, 2 ½-bath, 3,400-square-foot 1940s home in Decatur. It was a small, 1,600-square-foot box when she and her partner, Ceilia, bought it in 2001, with a bath, galley-style kitchen and an eight-foot ceiling.

“What originally attracted us was the private, 1 1/4 –acre lot,” she said. “We converted the house into what we call a Mediterranean-Mission fusion.” They raised the roof; saved the heart-of-pine beams for reinforcement, columns and headers; and created a 500-square-foot guest wing. “That whole side of the house can be completely closed off,” she said. The rest of the house has energy-efficient heating and cooling, spray-in insulation, bamboo and repurposed heart-of-pine flooring and an instant hot-water heater.

“We happened to renovate our home during a time when a lot of Atlanta artists were looking for work. We found one who was fashioning a large model boat out of wood and asked him to mold our Adobe-style fireplace. We found a painter who specialized in creating interesting textures and we hired her to do our stucco. Also, we learned of a man who harvested fallen oak trees and bought stunning planks of wood from him for our stairs. And our front door was hand-carved by an artist as well.”

The average price for a single-family home in Decatur is $337,300. DeKalb Medical Center is located right outside the city limits and Emory University Hospital is just three miles away.

Decatur is served by the City Schools of Decatur.